Its straight forward 8 laps around the track in 22 minutes, minus a grade for every lap under 8 laps. So the goal for me and most of my friends is 5 or 6 laps(a mile and a half.) Recently my New balances have gotten torn up and old and holy. I started wearing my old Etnies a day ago and during gym when I run it hurts my feet really bad, mainly my heels and ankles. It starts hurting around the 2nd lap. I was wondering if I get the Magellin foot soles would that help the pain? Is there a better brand? I dont have the money for new shoes, so thats out of the options.
8 laps in under 22 minutes? Thats a joke...I can do that in 10 minutes.

/worthless comment.

But seriously I effed up my knees for the a good month or so from wearing bad shoes and running.

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that's gay that you actually have a final. i can do two miles in 13 or 14 minutes though. that still seems unfair.
well etnies arnt exactly running shoes. just borrow some athletic shoes from a friend. I dont really like to wear those but when u run its a huge difference.
ew. Judging by yr sig, you see yrself as overweight?

Well frankly dude if you cant do 7 or 8 laps around the track in 22 minutes, you got problems.

I myself am pretty overweight, i'm 6ft1 and weigh 19 stone (even if i am well built aswell).

And i can run 8 laps in 16-18 minutes.

Dont be silly lad. Get out there and train more!
Go to walmart and buy something cheap. They have shoes that are like 15$. Buy those ones. They're cheap but they are good to run in. Of course they're only good for one run but at least it will be a comfortable run.

I run in boots now so i dont know if they still do that ****.
Yeah you definitely need real running shoes, im sure it is easy enough to find a cheap pair.
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Most people say they're not even gonna try. Even if they fail it their grades were so high that it doesn't affect their final grade.

I hate wimpy people in gym class. It got much better in high school when it wasn't a requirement anymore (at my school at least), cause it was just people who actually liked working out and playing sports and who would try their best at running even if they hated it because we only had to do a mile every so often. God teenagers can be whiney bastards, *wah, evil PE instructor is making me run*
get one of those shoes with wheels at the heel

edit: woah wait, if 4 laps is equal to or around a mile... you can finish the run with 5-6 minutes to spare
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