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While learning guitar, I often notice notes like this:



Notes aren't exactly like a power chord because there is an open string between them but because there is no 0 (zero) which means playing an open string I wonder how to play that. The notes are equally placed on the tabs so it means you should play them at once but how can you strum two differents strings apart from one string without touching it?

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Try playing that.. muting the string with the 'x' using the tip of one of your fingers that is already holding down a fret
You need to mute the string in between, usually by resting one of the fingers you are using to fret the printed notes on the string you don't want to hear, then strum all the strings (including the muted strings) in one stroke.

1) fret both and just strum while muting the string(s) in between with you unused left fingers

2) fret both and then pick each individually via hybrid picking or just fingerstyle

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Thanks everybody. I just learned something once again today. This is a great site to share anything with anybody!
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Sorta related, and something that confused me about poorly written tab (or lets say tab where someone's copied the fingering notation, but NOT the other musical notation).

I cam across something like this once, and immediately thought what kind of crazy double stop stuff is this and how in the world to play it fluidly:


When in reality it was missing the latin word divisi above the staff to indicate that part is to be played by TWO guitars, one playing the higher line, and one the lower.
for the first chord use you index for fret 2 and your ring finger for 4 and use the tip of your index or the middle of your ring to lightly touch the X

on the 2nd chord I'd try and use my index for the 1st fret on the G string and my middle on the 1st fret on the high E string with my index lightly touching the X on the B string to mute it


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