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you have no lines in this play
so get the hell off the stage
and out of my way now

you will not steal my spot light
while i sit in the dark
and you play my part

the script calls for me to kiss her
flowers to fly
and appluse to roar

and for you to pull the curtains
nothing more


Your eyes swim vicariously through my atmosphere,
breaking me down one artery at a time
until they reach solid ground.
Like the retinas that froze the second they saw your face
before melting when you saw mine.

Sadly, times have changed since then though,
like for example, it was 9:32 A.M. then,
now it’s 10: 17 A.M..
And I still haven’t had the pleasure
of having my ears melt too.
hey guys, even if you don't want to quote and format,
just drop the link to the match on the Polls thread.
that way the next person can know what's new.
i'm gonna be a dick and wait until you drop off the link
before i update the listing, just to force you into the habit. ;]
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