Hi, I was wondering if it is normal for my amp(cube 30) to buzz when I'm not touching any parts of the guitar? the buzz fades away if I touch the metal parts(such as fretting the strings) of my guitar and the buzz gets louder or smaller if turn the volume knob on my guitar but is less effected if I turn the knob on my amp. It's mainly when distortion is turned high.

Is this normal for SS amps?
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What kind of guitar do you have. My emgs do that when near a computer.
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tele 72 deluxe
Fapping is considered as strumming training
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tele 72 deluxe

its a telecaster? so it has single coil pick ups Im assuming, Single Coil's always buzz, humbuckers dont nothing is wrong its all normal


its not the Amp, its the guitar dont worry everything is fine bro
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^No, 72 deluxes are HH, so basically they're wired like an LP or SG. And no, it's not too big of a problem Threadstarter. most amps do that.
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alright thanks!
Fapping is considered as strumming training
Since it goes away when you touch the strings and turn the volume knob, it's the guitar. It's probably grounded badly/wrong/not grounded or whatever, I don't think it's anything to worry about.
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will rewiring it solve the problem? cuz I was planning to replace to pickups and pots...
Fapping is considered as strumming training
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Your strings (and the bridge) aren't grounded. They should be.

At least, not well. It's worth going over the electronics in that guitar. Mabye shield the cavities while you're at it.