so im moving to boarding school, and i wont really have that much of a chance to buy gear.

i pretty much love my guitar and my amp, so i think im gonna buy a few pedals.

i have a little big muff and a boss harmonizer, but im looking for some other cool effects. maybe a wah.

what are your suggestions?
you should get a sound enhancement pedal
I really don't use a wah, but flanger pedals are fun to mess around with.
Also, if your not going to be near a music shop you should stock up on strings and things of that nature.
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i lost my picks when i went away to college. now that im backing using a pick again, i have a very strange pick/fingers style that i think benefited my playing so much. crazy string skips and arpeggios are common in my leads now.

Wah is always fun to work with.

If you buy a PODXT or something, by the time you get BACK home, you sohuld have a few tones worked out (it takes for ever to get something awesome with it, but when you do it sticks)
a couple of leads or a soldering iron and some solder you never know when u will break it and maybe a set oh headphones
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what about those little micropods?

Nah, my school got one and I was assigned to make a tutorial on it, spent some time with it and although it was definately an improvement over the V-Amp we used to have it's a lot less user-friendly due to the size. Unless you're on a really tight budget I'd look into the real PODs, they're awesome.
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