Just got back from Sam Ashe with my Peavey Delta Blues 210. Got it for $380.00 used and it's in great condition. It also came with a footswitch and the previous owner (who happened to be the guy that sold it to me) put a stand by switch on the back. Can't wait to get home and turn it up!!
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Sweet man, never played one myself but heard some good stuff. New amp days rock. Mines Monday...I'm torn between the Peavey Valveking and the Vox 50VT(the 2x12 version). So far I'm leaning towards the vox...it suits me almost perfect...but monday I'll try a few other models before handing out cash. But please do, post some pics.

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I played one of those at GC (the hybrid right?) and I think they have a really good tube sound. You should enjoy it!
Lol. There's always a reason as to why there are never pics.

Its all, "I got a new amp! I'll get pics up right after I go to the moon."

But nah, it's cool. At least your reason is legitimate, it's not like you have to go take a shower or something.
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Well, they didn't post.....wtf? I gotta go to a MD party, when I get back, I'll see where I messed up.....sorry bout that.
Ok, I'm gonna try again.................

If you look at the back up towards the left hand corner(in pic 23) , you can see the nifty little modded stand by switch....although you may have to squent (sp?) to see it....

My buddy just put in some new JJ tubes with the higher gains......sounds great!
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Nice buy dude. Played the Delta Blues a few weeks back, just loved it. And pretty handy standby too. Hope it lasts ya a good long while thar.
Thanks man! I have really enjoyed playing outta this lil beauty! My wife is getting jealous of me and my new love....LOL!