Right now I'm playing a Dean Strat that's basically a piece of **** with a 75 Watt Spider II Line 6 amp.

I'm thinking of getting something like a strat. I like to play clean but i also like to play heavy **** that has some balls to it. But I think I would like a thin neck for shredding. Also I'd like to get a better amp that will match my guitar.

As far as amps i was thinking a half stack but i don't know if a combo would serve me better. It's going to be in my recording studio but what about gigs??

Are there any websites with info about matching pick ups and amps?

I heard EMG pick ups were good and i was looking on their websites and they have ones designed for strats.

What do you guys think
get a MIM fender strat and put in blue/silver/red lace sensor pickups. as for amp id go with a medium wattage tube amp, something like the peavey classic 30 maybe.
I would go with an Ibanez S320, then change the pickups to Dimarzios or Seymour Duncans. A new amp, I'd suggest a Peavey Valveking 112, or Classic 30 112. For gigging, you may need a Classic 50 212, but you probably won't.
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yeah i'd say get an ibanez or an esp/tld, maybe even a schecter for your next guitar... sounds like it would be a better fit than a fender if u like the heavy stuff.
I would get an Ibanez S series or SZ, depending on if you want a trem or not. As for an amp, a VK112 would be good with an OD pedal for heavy stuff, altho it can get some good gain on its own.