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No Sex
5 71%
one seed
3 43%
---The Helix---
1 14%
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No Sex.

Talk to girl on floor
She yawns
I yawn
I say
she says
I say
she says
I say
She gets on my back
we ride along the floor

I say
She’s happy
good girl
I say
I pat her head
And pat her but
It’s cute
Your butt, it’s cute
I yawn
She yawns
Sleep with girl on bed
No sex

... and they shall be
born into this life
each with a seed of their own.

they shall not hide it
but hold it up
so it may be fed by
the light and rain of the world.

as their tree grows
they may stand in its shade
safe from the heat at noon
or climb upon it to view
those far away.

they may eat
and share with all,
the fruit that it gives
to feed the heart and mind.

as it grows
so shall their souls
safe, fed, and wise.

and the tree shall be called

---The Helix---

Slink like a limp helix;
creep your way into the heart
of many and under the feet of few.
If they stomp on you,
it just means they love you.
Flesh door mat.