I was wondering, may a guitars neck be sanded flatter safley??? I am looking into a neck through 7 string that has all the features that I want that no other guitar can seem to provide. My only fear is that the neck maybe abit thicker than I might like. Is there any thing that can be "SAFELEY" done about this?????? Keep in mind that it has a floyd rose and I intend on doing some serious whammy action.
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How much are you going to sand off? I'd say if it has a good truss rod and you could probably take off an 1/8 or 3/16s of an inch before you'd have a problem, maybe even more.
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You'd have to figure out how deep the truss rod channel is, and then I'd say the absolute thinnest you can sand it down is 1/8th of an inch until you hit that channel. Preferably ou should leave 1/4 inch though, as 1/8th of an inch really isnt much.

Seven string necks might be a little wider, but its not that bad.
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