Im looking into the jcm800 2x12 combo split channel 4211

I just don't know anything about it haha

does anyone know the dimensions of the amp?
the weight?
what music is it best for? any examples of bands?
how vintage, plexi - sounding, can it get?
is the two channel version better than the single channel?

any other info you wish feel free
I don't know exactly, but I can tell you my Mesa 2x12 Tremoverb is 100 pounds, on casters, and it's really big and heavy. It's the same width and depth, pretty much, as a 4x12 cabinet, just shorter, with a real reverb tank inside. I believe the JCM 800 2x12 will be very similar. My buddy has been gigging for years with his JCM 800 dual-channel head and loves it.
yeah i was thinking about a head but then was thinking just get a 2x12 combo so i can move it about for practice etc then shove it into a 4x12 on any occasion i need to