are the say thin as people say they are?
is it ibanez thin or is it closer to a fender.
c,d or,v shape possibly?
It's close to a Fender I'd say. Not nearly as thin as an Ibanez.
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They're anything but thin dude... I'd say they're the same size as the Les Paul, which is a bit bigger than a fender. It has a general shape of a 'U', with it being rounder at the headstock and flatter at the higher frets.
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somewhere between a fat 50's neck and a 60's slim taper neck.

it's not too huge, not too slim. feels like you're actually holding something.
yeah they kinda have a fatter neck, CLOSE to a les paul, but not quite as thick, but they are rounder at the headstock and flatter towards the high frets, like ^^ said
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it's like a 60s style neck

I like it more than the baseball bat neck

It's comfortable to me

When I play on ibanez necks, my hands get sore faster because they are so thin
and it is easier to play rhythm parts on my explorer because of the bigger neck.
The LTD/ESP ones are like pens...

The Gibson ones are thinner than a les paul(at least the 79 in my school is)