So i got back from university to discover that my amp has something wrong. My XXL (it's solid state) will cut out when im playing. The lights are still on and if im on a distortion channel i can hear a faint signal. The only ways i can get it to cut in again is leave it for a few hours, or crank the master and channel volume. When i crank the volume ill hear a faint signal, then hear a little bit of crackling then BAMMMM full volume! When it craps out of me once it only lasts a few minutes until it does it again. The only thing i can think of is to bring it in but im hoping you guys have some ideas.

Oh yeah... i tried another patchcord, guitar and electrical outlet... no dice!
My gear:
PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow
Ibanez AEL 50 SERLV
Peavey XXL Half Stack