hey, i'm not sure where specifically (sp?) but i've had the idea of jazz clubs in big cities like nashville and chicago. where musicians get together like a big ol jam session where people take turns going up. that kind of thing. anyways, i don't remember when i learned of these, but i don't know if they are real... is it just a dream? do they exist? if so where at cause that sounds awesome.
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there's like one in Manchester
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ive been to a few. lots of blues and jazz acts. everybody there is usually pretty laid back.
I stopped at one in Chicago about two years ago. Maybe it wasn't a quintessential jazz club, but it was close enough. I can't remember the name of the place, but I loved every second I spent in there.
jazz clubs > all other clubs

i duno bout the jamming, i thing it's usually just a band bangin out some tunes