In the summer i am planning on fixing my cheap acoustic guitar up with a piezo pickup (one of those cheap ones in that other thread thing) and most definitely a pre-amp for the impedance issues.

I was wondering if i should add any effects in, i do not have a lot of experience building effects - just a OK distortion pedal i made for my electronics GCSE - but i have a basic knowledge of electronics and would not wantr this project to cost too much.

I would not want distortion in an acoustic (unless this sounds good, i do not know).

So yeah...any easy effects i should build in or should it just be clean.
I would build it clean. Most people only use reverb really when they plug in, or chorus maybe. But not anything too crazy.
Idk i love some compression on acoustic guitars. Maybe build in a nice, hi-fi style compressor after your pre-amp.
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generally for acoustics clean is the way to go, and im not sure about the difficulty in building these effects, but an equalizer is generally very useful, or a phase switch button to reduce feedback. These are 2 features on my guitar that i've found very useful throughout the years. as far as actual effects go (flange, wah, etc) i just couldn't bear putting my acoustic through that haha.
alright...i will look up some schematics for these effects don't know if i will have the time or effort but i think i might aswell if i have to make a pre-amp lol

thanks a lot!
sorry for double posting...but it isn't really an edit.

What would reverb actually do and how is it controlled? the disgrams are confusing

edit... more what would phase switch do and i am maybe considering the compressor or eq
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I personally would put a simple chorus in it. Maybe rip one out of a Dano FAB pedal.
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