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I was confused and thought I was learning how to eat a pie.
my friend started playing guitar and he showed me some stuff with it, so i got interested and liked it and decided to play guitar
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Piano got boring
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because I didn't like playing bass
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a friend of mine picked it up, needed someone to jam with, and i got interested... and now i'm better than him
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Fred Durst is the Tom Green of music

No, some people actually like Tom Green.

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I can't see Jimi approving of this.

Me neither, due to him not being alive and all.
I was singing for a band but I sucked.

Guitar seemed like a good option at the time... now I do both fairly well.

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saw school of rock. Well, my dad tried to get me into it a few years before that, but I didn't stick with it. When I saw school of rock I saw that kid's solo during the big song, and I thought it was like amazingly shreddy, even though, looking back, it was extremely easy. But I digress. It got me interested.
ive been interested in guitar since i was like 6 but my parents didnt wanna waste the money on me and me give up. when i was 14 i finally bought my own guitar and have been rockin since

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I wanted to play bass but was told I should play acoustic guitar first. I finally got a bass later and loved both instruments.
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the absolute beauty of classical music is what made me decide to learn how to play an instrument, and i picked up the guitar because my dad plays it.

that's gay.
Well I bought a guitar to a trip to Vietnam and well I saw some guitar playing on TV and thought it was cool so I bought one there for around 30 bucks. It was a great quality guitar but I had no idea how to tune it or even play it so it just sat in my room for months my parents promised to get me lessons but they never did so I taught myself and yea I'm pretty good now.
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I don't actually remember.....I do remember messing around on my dad's classical guitar before I had my own, and looking through his books on how to play chords and stuff. So maybe I started playing just because it was there.....or I was bored. Probably both, really.

I also remember wanting to play like Graham Coxon from Blur, as I was a huge fan of them when I started playing....so that may also have motivated me. I no longer remember how to play any of their songs these days, but I'm grateful to them for getting me started.
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