wrote it literately 10 mins ago..not much editing

holding mirrors against the sun
waiting for wightshift counteractions
your distant mirage becomes more engulfed
as you abide by the light of noon

spoon fed recollections
choking on the residue
theatrical remenissions
bringing in no revenue

I stumble and hit the switch
the dark mumbled its condolence
"truth be told, i can't wait till tommorrow"
a bold statement spoken with folded lips
Wow, it sounds cool, even though it's way too abstract and intellectual for me to make sense of. I think it's pretty awesome, though!
Reminds me of something like At The Drive-In or the Mars Volta - really abstract yet interesting.
If you disagree with anything I say, just take it as a joke
...or go to hell

Well, I don't see why it's called dinner and a movie (symbolism?). A couple points, however:
I don't know if lines 2 and 4 were supposed to rhyme or not, but...
Your vocabulary is slanted towards some hefty words there. I guess it would be more in place if it was a metal song or something, but it felt out of place. I thought "brings in no revenue" sounded kinda cool, though...
It doesn't adhere to a specific metre, which is fine, considering I haven't heard the melody yet. But if you have something planned, more power to you.
I really liked hte last two. None of it made sense though... however the first one didn't seem to be conveying anything. The other two, I felt like there was something there, I was just missing it. The first one though, seemed like it was abstract for hte sake of being abstract.

Work on focusing your ideas more, and developing this style to where you can say something without saying something (if that makes any sense, I'll be amazed). You're on a good path, and a very original one if you keep with this style... but you need to learn to control it if you want to write a memorable piece.