so i was looking at thing i can use to record and i came across the pocket pod by line 6. it apparently has really good reviews, but i was just wondering how exactly does it record stuff? i know it sounds stupid but i was just wondering, because i dont see a mic or anything.
You'd have to plug a cable from the headphone/direct out socket into a recorder/mixer/soundcard and use a separate program.
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or u plug into the pod then to an amp and most amps have a 1/4" line out and then straight to a comp
thats how i do it
sounds good to me
Good reviews, don't go by them.. go by how your opinion not everyone elses.

on musiciansfriend the reviews for line 6 spiders are amazing and the amp is god terrible.

pocket pods suck too, very flat, thin, and digital.
sounds cheap and amateur.
I use my computer from my pocket pod and all i got was fuzz, even when it was on clean guitar with no gain at all, i got the sound of a line 6 insane distortion.