Tell me what u think, it took me a while to get it right but i think i could still do a better job on the recording, link is in signature... crit for crit of course
That sounds great.

I thought that the rythym got a little to distorted at about 1:30 but i still liked the way the rythym moved.

The solo fit that song like a glove. enough said!!
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thanks for the 2 yet very very excellent crits, i know what ur sayin about the distortion, i tried to keep it in the treble of the chords i was playing but i still wanted the dirty tone, in show its cleaner so im gonna leave it as is
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Hey Led Hed. Yeah, I liked it. Nice and mellow, good job on the vocals. Had a cool kind of trippy vibe to it that I liked as well. Excellent guitar playing!!
Thanks for the crit!

Nice chord-progression. The vocals sound good too. Reminds me a bit of Pink Floyd
I must agree that the guitar gets a bit too distorted at times, but its not a big deal really.
The solo was good. Fits the song well.
Good job.
that was a pretty cool song, never heard, but i liked it still. the vibe was pretty airy, which is cool. my only crit would to make your vocals clearer/balanced, but other than that it was pretty great.
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I think this song would be perfect if you had some phaser on the rhythm guitar. A little less distortion would be good too.

The solo was very tasteful. Good tone and phrasing.
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I really like the tune man. A very nice solo. I agree with the previous poster about putting some phaser or maybe a chorus effect on the rhythm guitar. The whole recording sounds kinda far away too, not sure if that's intentional or not. Overall I really enjoyed the song, very mellow. Good work!

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Mmmmm, oh yeah, I'm feeling the groove on this one. I just think it needs some percussion and bass, is all. I understand those may be outside your means right now, so it's not a huge to-do or anything. I just feel like the drums will really push it in a direction. It feels a bit stuck between light and driving. The drums could be decisive on that, depending on how they'd be done.

As far as the recording itself, I'm fine with it. The solo is really nice, you've got a great Santana-esque tone going there, and it's tasteful. The vocals may be a bit too quite in places, but they were understandable. The effect on them is also good. Great effort.

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good tune man, enjoyed the solo in there as well. Only thing I could really say is like people have said above me the signal distorts at random times sometimes, and maybe clean up the vocals a bit but other than that really good man.
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Some good tunes man, I like the guitar solo and your style is rockin. The recording wasn't the best quality but it's understandable (who has money for professional recordings?) I thought the distortion was a bit hard at times but it did provide a nice contrast. Keep on rockin~
The vocals sound too clean for the rest of the song and they don't really do much for the song I didn't think. Your playing isn't really bad, but the recording sounds really muddy, especially through some of the rhythm parts. On some of the parts in the solo the reverb gets to be a bit too much and clutters up the fast parts too I noticed. If you redo the vocal melody and get a better mic and you could have a pretty good song.

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Pretty cool. It sounds very much like some old Pink Floyd. Around the Meddle album, or maybe even older. Good singing, good guitar, the solo worked well, but I'm not sure about the recording so much. Could be my headphones though.

Overall I liked it.

Good Job!