So this kid is selling me a BC Rich Trace Warbeast for $300, he bought it 1-2 years ago, and only played it like 5 times (his amp broke or something), and hasn't touched it in like a year.

It is worth $300?

P.S. I believe that he actually did played it that many times, he's pretty trustworthy.
What're the pickups, other hardware, etc?
Sounds good though
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I'm not sure anything about the guitar, I've never seen it in person, I've just seen a picture of it, and it looks brand new. He says it's some kind of special edition, so I'm sure it has everything a normal new Warbeast has.

The only thing I doubt is that he said he paid like $1000 for it, and of all the ones I've seen on the net, the most I've seen one go for (brand new) was $630, so either he got ripped off, or he's trying to make it seem better then it is (if he was trying to rip me off, he'd have sold it for more). Then again that was 2 years ago, so maybe he did buy it for $1000..
If you can get a new one for $300, you should be able to point that out and talk the price down.
Hmm.. I thought this was worth a bit more then what I was paying, and I was going to sell it for an extra 1-2 hundred bucks and buy a Les Paul.. Maybe I should just wait for my next paycheck (in 2 weeks) to get a Les Paul instead?

This guitar seems to be very metal, which is not really my style (sometimes it is), I just wanted to make a profit, should I just wait for Les Paul. or buy this and use it?

I have no brand-name guitars right now, all mine are crappy no-names, so this'd or a Les Paul would be my first 'good' guitar...
The trace warbeast is a really nice guitar but I wouldn't pay $300 for a 2 year old one. It's probably worth about $200 being that old.

What Les paul are you looking at?
Don't pay 300 bucks for a trace warbeast. I'd pay 150-200 depending on the condition.
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