i need expert advice opinions =D .. i am ready to buy a classical guitar for myself and im looking to spend between $200-$400 and was wondering what you believe would be the best classical guitar to purchase
Although I don't own more than one classical guitar, I'll tell you now, it's based a LOT on personal preference. People have their own "feel" for guitars. It took me forever to find the one I liked most. Brands tend not to mean much when you dip into acoustic and classical guitars. I really suggest going around local music stores and trying out some yourself until you find the one.
yea thats true i've been looking for a new classical for over two months now. I think i find one and then later when i try it again the guitar dosent feel the same. The guitar needs to sound right to your ear so that it will inspire you to play it but the guitar also needs to sound right with the songs you play. If you can play a guitar and just absolutly know thats the one you want and it feels like an extansion of your body its the right one
thanks for your input .. also do you recommend any classical guitar strings .. i have no idea about nylons n stuff .. all i play is acoustic .. thanks