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Year of desolation
3 38%
6 75%
Yigaels Wall
2 25%
five finger death punch
5 63%
Voters: 8.
have you ever heard of...... any of the following bands?

Year of desolation


The Showdown

I dont want to die in texas

Coerced into battle

Yigaels Wall

Cinna the poet

just want to know if you guys know any of these bands...thanks
-Frieden und Liebe-

Filial Piety

Filial Piety Band Website

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All of those are metalcore, take it to the Hardcore Forum.

Oh, and Alesana is okay.
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Ive hear of Alesana (quite good i think), but as for the others, no.
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I've heard Five Finger Death Punch...

Quite bad


Only one I know there, and they're utter shite.
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