I have a selector switch and it does not make a difference when i adjust it.
Is der any way I can fix this?(Get new pick ups?)
maybe ur bridge and neck pickup are the same pickup? idk what guitar do u have

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How long have you been playing?
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whered you buy it? i suggest you take it back and get it checked if its not exactly a good guitar... either way, get it checked somewhere once you confirm what brand it is and what pickups are in it. How much did u pay for it?
thats tough. What guitar does it LOOK like? like is it a knock-off kinda thing that COULD be the actual?
i dont think i can help you here... you can bring it in to a local place and get it checked which will probably be free and take just a few seconds... worse-case scenario you have to spend a couple bucks on a new pickup or to get the wiring fixed
Or there's always the chance that you got majorly ripped off and there is in fact only one pickup and the selector switch isn't wired to anything.

But let's hope that's not true.
r u on distortion or clean or both? cus that sometimes matters depending on the pickups ur using. For example my old Dean MLX made slight differences in distortion but a HUGE difference in clean
im sure its the selector switch i tried it on lots of different amps. unless its pickups?
wat r the best pickups with no feedback
that all depends on what you like... im not exactly the best person to ask about pickups, im still working on factory brand so i cant help you there... I'd say you got ripped off, srry bud
get it checked before you make any decision, you may have to change your pickups, maybe not. I would think that changing the pickups would solve the problem, but get it checked first cus it may be simpler than that