Hello guitar-dudes. Anyone know the differences in technology/stuff between those two dudes ?

This not a "what is best" thread , but i really get confused. Those two sounds the same thing.

Bye bubes.
If they sound the same, why not get the cheaper one?

Something tells me they don't sound the same...
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I don't have total trust in my senses hehehe. I was hoping to hear some comments from the owners.

And i cant play a gig with both , because i don't own then ehehehe.

I ve already played on both in stores , but both have so much stuff and sounds that i was just lost !

Dont wanna sound cocky , i don't know ****.
the X3 is the latest in the POD series, right? It sounds pretty good. I wasn't impressed with the GT-8, but the GT-10 seems to be a lot nice sounding. However, because it's Boss and I associate them more with effects, i'd say the Boss if you're using it as a Multi FX, but the POD if you plan on using it for amp modeling for recording/practice/live use.
Are you intending to use it for direct recording or as a multi FX? If multi FX what's your amp?
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I had the same problem but I went with the Pod X3, and damn, I don't regret it
The tones are great and very simple to create, and includes a wide variety of effects.
However, the Line 6 Pod may have better tone than the Boss GT-10, but the Boss has a wider variety of effects.
So you choose; effects or tone?
POD, but what are you plugging into?
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