so 2morrow im FINALLY! getting a phone and i had a question about texting. i kno that AT&T to AT&T is free, but does it go for texting to?

Thnaks in advance!! =]
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Ever cell phone plan I've ever had that had "company" to "company", texting did not apply
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No, it doesn't. I wasn't even aware we had free mobile-to-mobile. On AT&T, you can get either 200 texts for 5 bucks or unlimited for 20. If seems like a lot, but when you consider that itd be 15 cents per text otherwise(including incoming and outoing), is a moneysaver.
There's also the option for 1500 messages for $15 a month - that's the one I'm currently on.

I really wish there was something between 200 and 1500; 200 barely covers 2 weeks for me and I wouldn't use 1500 texts for nearly half a year. Better to go over than under though.
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