Basically, it's Joe Satriani's cryin for those who don't want to watch the vid. I've been using my Les Paul for classic rock and blues music but Joe Satriani is actually one of those shredders with feel that I can appreciate.

Is there anyway I can get this tone? Perhaps adjusting tone knobs on guitar / amp? Or do I need to get a POD XT Live or any of those multi effects pedal that spit out digitized tone

BTW my amp is an orange rocker 30 combo
You should be able to.

Just dial in a bit of a crunch, and then try to figure it out from there. You might have to roll down the tone knob and play with the EQ a bit, but you should be able to get it.
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Well, to be honest, I don't think you can. His lead tone in that song is filled with reverb/delay, and playing on the dirty channel with delay (that isn't in the effects loop) can sound pretty horrid.
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Just about all of Satch's song are saturated with delay/reverb. I also know he has a bunch of effects and such, as well as some really high end gear. Its gonnabe kinda hard to emulate his tone without spending thousands on gear. But even with al that, his rig is still not as big as Petrucci's, he has way too much crap.