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Alvarez specs:
Flame maple body and back
Figured spruce top?
Maple neck with rosewood fretboard
Snowflake inlays
Honeyburst finish
Made in Japan

Make an Offer if your interested!!

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ballpark figure?
lost and confused,
focused on the obscured.

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I was hoping to get $550 for this guitar as its in great shape and deffinately better than a cheap ass korean/ chinese guitar in that price range. Make an offer though!
Price cut to $425 ....and Ill pay the shipping!!! I need to get some money together ASAP!!! If its paid for tonight with paypal...I'll have the item shipped out by tomorrow morning.
Price lowered to $340 + shipping!! It does come with the hardshell case that it came with
Ill take it for 340 shipped if youre still interested, shipping shouldnt be more than 20 if its in a case and what not, let me know
Actually last acoustic I shipped out cost about $65 due to the dimensions and weight
I see, well last time I shipped a guitar out I used DHL and they only charged me like 17 bucks and it was the same shape and all as an acoustic. What shipper did you use?
I use UPS....they secure it in the box, bubble wrap/cushioning, and send it out for me.
I dont know of any DHL's around here but If I can find one I will price it to be sure. I will get a price from ups this wed as well!
still for sale...anyone interested ina trade??? Id trade this and the alvarez for a used taylor if it was a fair deal to the other person as well

anything for trade?
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