Hey I was wondering.... Im currently a junior in hs, well soon to be senior I guess, and I was wondering what kind of stuff you have to do/know when you audition for a music school so I can prepare myself. Also, i think you should make this a sticky so it would be easy for people who have personally auditioned to share their experiences... Also, Im particularly interested in Berklee and GIT. Thanks!
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Just like a regular college lists their entrance requirements and average scores/grades, the websites for Berklee and GIT have that information listed on their websites.
If you want to do theory/composition, you will have to write something to play for them. You should also be prepared to learn classical guitar.
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The more "serious" universities in my area demand classical guitar, unless you're going for Jazz, which is even harder to get into. Start learning now, if you don't already know.
Also, be able to distinguish intervals, both harmonic and melodic. Distinguish chords like Major, Minor, Dim, Aug, 7th. And sing back a simple melody. Also sing intervals. This is just in my area (Ontario). I don't know about America, but I'm assuming it's pretty similar.
For the Berklee audition you will have to sight read notes and chords. They'll give you a chord name and you'll have to play it in one or however many inversions you know. Sometimes they'll ask you a scale and or mode. You have to have a prepared piece. They also check your ear by playing something at the piano with you knowing the key and have to play back what they played.

There is also an interview one on one talking with a representative from the college.
Yes they'll want you to know how to read music and chord charts, no matter what style of music you plan on specializing in. I auditioned all for jazz schools so I prepped a ton of jazz tunes and a few chord-melody solos to play. I had a big edge at several schools since a lot of kids came in that were like "I wanna be a rock star!" and I was like "I want to be a music teacher."

They like that realistic attitude a lot more.