I’m going to tell you a secret
Put it in your heart and keep it
Begin to face your inner fears
As I struggle to hide my tears

I cannot sleep alone at night
All is quiet, there is no light
I go to the attic searching
For the noise I still keep hearing
Memories fill my eyes with tears
As I look through ancient photos
The noise I can’t find in this room

I went outside through the midnight
The moon shines down on me with its light
The stars remind me of that time
When I realized I was alive
I look to the black, lighted street
Cars zoomed by at maximum speed
The noise is louder than traffic

Running to the crowded forest
I seen eyes that really weren’t there
Heaven punished the old oak tree
Branches fell, fire lit the sky
The leaves covered me completely
Spiders crawled around where I laid
The noise grew louder as I breathe

I’m thinking as I lay almost dead
Blood is pouring from my head
The noise is beating so loudly
It’s coming from inside of me
It’s my heartbeat, reminding me
That I was alive the whole time
The whole time I was looking for me
poetry o.o
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