so im jus curious is there any real difference in playability jus cuz of the difference in the neck joint or what cuz they all look decent to me but some r way cheaper than the others...if uve played schecters and happen to like them i do then maybe u could tell me which one would be the best way to go...o and wats the deal in the difference between passive and active pickups?





1. I've found no difference in playability between bolt-on/set neck/neck-through other than comfort and ease of reach at the higher frets. But that's just me. It could be different for you.

2. Passive pickups don't require a 9v battery like active pickups do.

3. Go to a store and try those out before buying them. The ones they send you in the mail could be total duds.
I normally don't see a difference in a bolt-on vs a set neck, however with Schecters, the set necks have no heel, so the higher frets are a lot easier to get to.
I played a c-1 elite (set neck) and the neck was unbeleivable for the price.
the 24th fret was within easy reach too.

havent tried a bolt on schecter though:/
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