I have a Crate Stealth gt-50, its a combo... im building a new chassis for it, making it into a head. While i have it out, the resistors have some burns on them, its making the amp hiss a little, need to replace them, and i want to replace all of the capacitors.

Precautions...soldering... i know NOTHING About working on amps. i know i need to solve the whole problem of blowing myself to pieces and checking voltage etc, no idea how to do it. what are the best resistors/caps to put in?
If you have no experience with working on amps, take it to a tech. You might kill yourself if you touch the one of the transformers as they can retain their current for a long time.

Replace the caps & resistors with the same ratings or you'll end up with a whole different sound (or none at all). I'd also recommend using the same types (as in build type) of caps & resistors as they influence the sound too. There are a wide variety of caps & resistors out there ranging from $ 0.05 a piece to over $ 50 for one single cap.
You can take out a few of the items you want to replace and go to a electronics store to see what they have.

Anyway, don't do it, you'll most likely destroy your amp if you have never done this before.
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