Hi, i'm fairly new to this site, and this is my first post, but I've been using my profile a bunch in the last couple of days and I got a song that I composed uploaded. http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/ledzepfreak94/ That's the name of it so far since there are only guitar parts in it and no lyrics or bass or drums
Some call it intuition...
Sounds ok, pretty hard to hear it properly though, how did you record this?
the song "ocean of angels" has a distinct Pink Floyd sound to it, but also retains some of Jimmy Page's bluesy solo style. I like it. I'm assuming you made it up. kudos to you my friend.
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yeah, I made it up... I recorded it on an iMac using Garage Band and the built-in mic. I'm planning on re-doing it eventually, using an external mic.
Some call it intuition...