Please include the genre it plays and such.
cuz I need some more radio stations to listen to. and less of the mainstream stuff.
Also just wondering

P.S I live more near teh torrance area
its not quite in LA
more toward the coast
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i hate l.a radio

but when i do listen to it its always 95.5 klos or 93.1 jack fm

klos is classic rock and jack just plays random crap
it's not LA, but 88.1 the burg.

I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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Actually if you want a good variety:

105.5FM= Gives you Classical music that spans through the 20th century.
93.1FM= Plays mostly late 70's, Lot's of 80's, and some early 90's tunes. Good stuff.
88.1FM= Otherwise known as KJAZZ, it is one of my favorite stations because not only does it play the major role players like Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Stan Getz.... but it also plays unknown jazz bands and musicians as well as latin-jazz and on saturday nights...SALSA!
103.1FM= or Indie 103.1, great music all around. And between 2-3pm, Steve Jones (Sex Pistols Guitarist) has this segment where he plays some of the songs that catches his fancy and plays it live with an acoustic.
92.7FM= or known as Jill FM, when you are driving around with a date.
95.5FM= Classic Rock, some 80's metal too.
790AM= Or Dodger radio. Because you best be a Dodger fan if you living in LA!

Reason why I didn't put KROQ is because its just garbage now.
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Ughh LA ma very well have the worst radio stations in the country. If you have to go with KLOS or KROQ, which are more mainstream rock and 103.1 is more indie/ alt rock
dont listen to alot of radio, but if i do it's mostly KROQ or something i find while changing channels(frequencies? idk i call them channels )