Hello there! My name's Dixie, and I sorta kinda close to almost might have a chance of being able to play guitar!

One of my boyfriend's favorite songs is the techno mix "Raver's Fantasy" by Tune Up. I'm not entirely certain what's used to create the riff for it, but I had a thought. I was able to find "Every Time We Touch" by Cascada arranged for guitar, so why not my mate's favorite tune as well? Well, Google turned no results, and there isn't one in the tabs listings.

Soooo... I was wondering, could any of you boys help me out? ^^ I really want to do something nice for Zhim, and being able to play his favorite song on something he's thoroughly impressed with me with would make me feel like the most awesome girlfriend ever. Would anybody be willing to try for me? Hugs available for the guy who tabs it right!

Btw, I'm playing on a Squier Strat with a Bullet 150 amp. Yes that's much lower than y'all probably have, but hey, gotta start somewhere y'know? :P
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How sweet. Well, the thing is, trying to tab a dance song can be very hard, as it is literally all synthesisers and mixing - theres no real guitar involved. However, because each fret on a guitar is basically a note, you can transpose the notes in the song to the corresponding frets. So i guess you could try looking for actual music of it and post it on here - would make it a lot easier. Besides that, i cant really tab it by ear lol, sorry. Oh, and dance music tends to be quite up beat, so you may need to be quite good at guitar to be able to play that fast. Just sayin'. Anyone else able to tab it for her though?
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