Well I realized I really dont play on the bridge alone very much with my strat, I really dont like the sound......its harsh and the single coil hum makes it worse. Taking this into consideration im looking for a new bridge pup thats punchy but stays clean and warm at the same time. Id really like it to fatten up the high notes that can get thin on strats as well. Oh and it has to be hum-cancelling. Right now im looking at the Dimarzio HS-3's and I was wondering if anyone has experience with these and what the pros and cons of them are. Feel free to make other suggestions, my budget is about $75 and I like to play classic rock, blues, alternative, and prog. rock (satriani, petrucci, etc.)
i use a hot rail on mine and it works wonders. gets rid of the hum and gets a nice thick sound. i think i got it for like $70 too which is a good price
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I'm kinda looking at the same thing for my strat.

how does the hot rails compare to say a red lace sensor or a hot bridge (gold) lace sensor?