Hey Guys,
Right i have a macbook, im using a Samson G Track mic for now and want to be recording vocals and instruments into my mac. now luckily the g track has a built in daw so i can do this all through the mic which is great for now, probably get something better at a later date but what i am really stuck on is what piece of recording software i should get, Pro tools or Logic studio 8. Simply because they both look brilliant but i have been told logic is the better choice and i have the opportunity to pick it up for 145.00 full retail version which is a bargain.

Other problem is my macbook has 120 gb left on its hdd. i understand logic takes up 80 gb which is alright it leaves me with 40 gb but i have also been told you can install the jam packs onto an external hdd. Is this ANY external hdd? or does it have to be a specific type with a boot program on it?

thanks guys hope you can answer my questions for me.
Yes, you can install them on to any external hard drive or, I believe, not at all. The actually program takes up a fraction of that.

For me, Logic is the best choice, particularly if you will be using MIDI, as it has better built in instruments and a more intuitive interface for MIDI. Also, for Pro Tools, you will need specific hardware for it to run, namely Digidesign (or in some cases M-Audio hardware). It's also harder to use.
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thanks dude for the reply. appreciate it. any one else got different opinions?
Logic itself isn't that big, what takes up so much space is all the extra stuff like sample libraries and stuff. If you plan on just recording Logic is only like 350 MB. Also pro tools requires pro tools specific hardware to record.