I'm considering to buy pickupcovers for my guitar's pickups. I own an Ibanez SAS 32 with 2 humbuckers.

I'm thinking of something along this line in order to install those, i take I will need new pickup rings? (this is how it looks at the moment).

And are the holes fot he screws position the same way on every guitar? in other words do i have to worry about the position of the holes on the pickup rings?

Next thing is that my body is 'flat' where to pickups are installed so i might need pickup rings for a flat surface instead of curved one. Is this something I should pay attention to or are all pickuprings usable?

Do I have to worry about the action of my guitar when adding covers? since I plan on using full covers they might intervene with my strings.

And my last question, will adding covers to my pickups affect the tone of my guitar in any way?

thanks a lot
it wont affect the tone, not sure about the otherrs though :S
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There are 4 common string spacings. 49.4mm is vintage gibson, new gibson spacing is different but I can't remember what it is off the top of my head, 50mm is what most aftermarket pickups use, 53mm is F spaced. Most Ibanez guitars use 52mm or 50mm but I can't be bothered to look up what is right for your guitar.

You shouldn't need new pickup rings but if you do, they do make flat ones as well. Often times Ibanez guitars don't match industry standards so there is a good chance that if you change the rings you will need to fill the old screw holes and make new ones.

You shouldn't need to raise your action.

Yes, adding covers will change your tone. Raw nickel changes your tone the least, plated nickel cover change your tone less than plated brass. Raw nickel gives you the brightes tone, brass makess it sound muffled.
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okey thanks a lot,
I will look for something that goes with my current rings, since i dont feel like making new holes in my guitar at the moment (dont want to screw anything up).