I've got a budget of £500 Maximum I'd say.

Right now I'm using a 75 watt Spider III Combo.

I'm pretty much, Guitarless right now because my current Guitar is not working after I had it delivered and So I'm returning it for a refund.

I'm thinking about Going for a Dean ML79, Which cost around £300 or so Pounds, and I was thinking of a replacing my AMP at the same time, because it is quite out-dated and I could get better ones, but I have no idea on what to go for.

Could anyone give me some ideas on Amplifiers, Open to all options, maximum of about £200 I reckon.
Dump your Amp. Good idea.
I would recommend you for a Blackheart Little Giant 5W amp. It's a quite new all tube and has gotten many good reviews lately. Works very well with depals. And the best of all, if you need more powers there are extra cabs made just for it.

I personally waiting for Blackheart Killer Ant. It's a 1W all tube head. and said to strike the market with "Cranked rocking sound at low volume". There's also a cab made just for this one. Exciting...!

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