Share your ghosting stories.

For those of you who dont know what 'ghosting' is - its when you walk behind an unsuspecting person for the longest time without them knowing. When they do notice, you just turn around and pretend nothing happened.

My record is about a minute.

I like to practise it on unsuspecting people, though it gets awkward to do successfully on stairs, and if they hear the footsteps out of time they'll realise someone's there.
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My record was 16 hours. She was dead...


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Did about three or four mins once, waiting for a friend at the train station. He came out and I stepped in behind him, then he went and wandered around in the newsagents store for a while- he only saw m when he turned around after buying stuff. Scared the sh*t out of him
I hate when people do that to me! It only usually lasts a few seconds, but they do it when I'm in bed, but still awake. I don't want to open my eyes in case it's an intruder.
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Example for anyone who doesnt know....

What a **** example give the people the real thing ffs

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I dont know.. I just found this crap out FFS, I just linked the first vid i found.

sorry, i thought you were the thread starter my apologies
Wear the eye patch Bret, Wear the Funky Funky eye patch...

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You, sir, should be knighted.

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that looks like fun. i gotta try that...


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that vid is full of win.

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when you get bored of regular ghosting, u guys should try an alternate version of it - Ghost training.

its regular ghosting, but people follow behind you - making a train

ive got 20 people

good for giggles
Danny tell us the full story of the ghost train

Again again! *its on the ground at your feet*
After completed asassins creed, i stalked a mate all the way to another mates house once, so about 12-13 mins?

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I do that all the time to my sister, when i come downstairs and shes making some food, ill stand behind her untill she turns around... i do it to her freinds to
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lol, Ghosting is when you screw a chick, and then stop, get a friend to come in and start fucking her, without her knowing.

EDIT: I think, it may be something different...
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