Another thrashy song I made...I know it might be a bit repetitive, but remember that there are no vocals in guitar pro. Tell me what you think of it, crit for crit, as usual.
that's some ****in speed metal

like the kind you start the intro riff as the first two sixteenth notes make the start of the song feel delayed backwards , but I think you could really improove the intro it's kinda underdevelopped , as i don't think you wont to lay vocals over the intro there should really be some kind of soloing in there maybe to build up some tension to lead to the verse , the verse is a bit repitive but thats no problem of course the vocals need space to develop, that chorus riff is really awesom i could listen to this all day , nothing to crit in there , now after the chorus i personally think there should be some kind of bridge part because your using the same chords in the chorus as u use in the verse and that's beginning to get annoying , maybe you could change the key signature for a bridge basing it on the quint and then dissolving it into tonica again or something like this ... bridge is nice but maybe you could try it also in another key signature to build up more tension always the same chords are not ver exciting I think , solo 1 is ok , nothing great in there but thats allright , it's not bad neither .. solo 2 is nice , very pleasent t listen to especiall as the scales fit the rythm very well , like the harmonics , solo 3 is ok again , like the base solo in solo 4.. I just think the end is a bit aprubt , maybe you could change the ong structure by playing one part of the solo after the firt refrain to get the song more interesting and than add another chorus after the solo4 , all in all quite good ,
I'd rate it 8/10

PLease also crit my new Progressive Metal Intro

Thanks in advance