so im sick of the latency caused by recording into line in from my mixing desk. and i also belive from what i'v heard that the recordings will sound better recorded through an interface.

here is what i have:
acer laptop, 2gb ram, 250hd. 1.8ghz
i use cubase, audacity, and kristal.
im recording guitar parts, bass parts, vocal part, and drums.
i have a pa desk and plenty of mics and cables.

i want to be able to record all the things singuly. but i recon being able to just record us all playing at once, then being able to mix that would be awesome. i would only need four or five inputs recording at once, at the most.

i dont have the hugest budget. around $200 or cheaper would be dandy.

my laptop has usb2.0 as well as the mini (4pin) firewire.

what should i get?

i understand that $200 isnt much and if i cant do multi track recording i understand.

i hear line6 tone/guitarport is good. i also hear its crap. does it have latency? is it usb or firwire?

is there anythig else?
Well, ideally, you'd want something like the Presonus Firestudio, which would allow to have 8 simultaneous inputs going to separate tracks on the DAW. However, this is well out of budget.

As you said, the only reason for getting an interface would be to decrease latency and increase quality, you wouldn't really have extra tracks on the DAW. I would just suggest getting something like the Alesis IO2, a two input interface so you can plug the left and right outputs of the mixer into that. This will give you a left and right track on the DAW.
There is poetry in despair.
so this is firewire right?

im having a look at it atm, and i love it. when put together with my desk its everything i could want.

how would i get it to work with mini firewire?
Are you talking about the Firestudio ? Or the Alesis? Because only the former is firewire.
There is poetry in despair.
the alesis.
so it is usb then? will that mean it is slower, or should it be fine?

and will i be able to get it in australia?