Been playing 10 months in total in the past few days i've taken upon playing Metallica's Seek & Destroy. Everything was going great until.. the SOLO! Don't know what the hell to do. Too fast for me. So anyway would appreciate if anyone has any tips
Start slowly, it's the only solution.
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i'll sound like a broken record here, but play it VERY VERY VERY boringly slowly... like if u practice it every day and u practice guitar every day, ur bound to get better? not like if u play guitar every day u get worse, so yeh eventually it will come to u... and dont hate if it doesn't!! just think how long kirk has played the guitar just to be able to play like he does.. yerp a long time!!

Hell even paul gilbert played for the first 2 years only using upstrokes, so just goes to show it takes agesssssss!!!

So yeah just keep at it!! You will eventually find it boring, but just think of the end result when u can whip out an awesome solo. Just keep motivated! (even if it takes another 10months to get the solo down but u will learn a whole lot more and be a better guitarist for it)
^+1 on the 2 posts.
and yeah, dont try to learn the whole solo right away, learn one part, then another, and another, and the combine them.
Quote by metallica1222
Start slowly, it's the only solution.

Metallica1222 is right.

Get your self Guitar Pro 5,

then you can high light the part your stuck on then slow it down.
That solo is very very fast and you've not been playing very long. While you will eventually get if with enough practice, it might be better for you to learn some other, easier songs and then come back to the solo. You've got the rest of the song down, so you can impress your friends with your "mad 'tallica skillz," and time away from the solo will allow you to improve your skills, learn other music, and save you the frustration of learning a piece of music that is likely more difficult than you should tackle right now.

Learn it if you want, though.
That solo is eaier than you think.
It use most of the common blues/pentatonic riffs.
If you learn the pentatonic scale. it 'll start making sense to you.
A cry babi would be nice.
Just break it down into sections, riffs, or phrasing.

Listen to RR, Jeff Beck
I tend to take on too many things at once. Think i'm gonna finish some more things then come back to it (i.e Slither solo) and i'm staying far away from that raining blood solo lol. anyways thanks everyone!