Hey there

So I have had my guitar now since Christmas 07 and all's I can play are some/most chords and some riffs like Iron Man, Smoke of the Water, Enter Sandman (to an extent), Seek and Destroy (to an extent). But because I don't play the guitar every day as I have no idea what I should be playing so never feel I am actually getting any better and learning anything useful. Whats the best thing to be learning at the moment to actually make me improve and feel like I am learning something properly?

Thanks for your help and time.
watever you want to play. theres not really anything that you "should" be playing.
also, start practicing stuff like scales, and alternate picking( if you havent already). theres alot of little skills/techniques that go along way.
and dont expect to get much better in a matter of days. it takes time and practice.
stert to learn scales, keys musuc theory etc. but as for as songs go you could probaby try the trooper by iron maiden or purple haze by hendrix
there are lessons online that help me alot like vguitarlessons and zentao guitar(just google that one). The guy in the video I linked is very helpful. And make sure to watch all 10 lessons

have fun
try learning some scales then some songs with great riffs. Try to practice everyday make it a habit so you can get better faster
anything and everything. Just because you dont play it everyday dont mean your limited to certain types of music or banned from practicing songs u like. So play your favorite song, and dont play your favorite bong. (its funny if ur a druggy) xD
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check out justinguitar.com
it's a totally free site with more than a hundred of video lessons and a lot of videos to learn some popular songs as well. the guy who made all this is a professional musician(used to play in Katie Melua's bend) and music teacher, so quality of lessons is really good.

no offece, but i think it's way better than ug tv
If you like Metallica, you should try the intro to One. Since you're stil having a little trouble with Enter Sandman, you might find it a little hard, so practice it slowly and with precision. It was one of the first single-note riffs I ever learned, along with Enter Sandman. Just remember to take your time and focus on precision and accuracy.

Some cool power chord songs:
Rock You Like A Hurricane - Scorpions
No One Like You - Scorpions
American Idiot - Greenday (the chord changes are quick, focus on presicion)
intro to Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne

Have fun!
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