Okay i know this has probably been asked many times but i think that my situation is a bit different. My band needs a singer so that we can finally make music with lyrics and get a few gigs. I cant sing, and even if I cud, I play lead guitar and I cant do both at the same time, the rythm guitarist cant sing and obiously, we cannot have the drummer sing. We need tips on finding a singer, my situation is more difficult than you might think because my band is based in Hungary, a non english speakin country although most young pple can speak english. I kow a few girls in my school who sing well (french school, dont ask its a long story lol) but they arent into any music other than Rihanna, Pussycat Dolls etc...

we asked to have fliers put up in an american school nut they were never put up so we are gna try again.

Any tips on fnding a singer (english speaking) ?????

the only succesful bands in hungary have english speking singers and they arent very many.
Well, there's no reason that your drummer couldn't sing (unless he doesn't have the ability). It's perfectly possible to mic him with a regular vocal mic using a boom stand. If you use the right mic, it won't pick up the drums or cymbals. My drummer sings backup vocals a lot, and I think the drummer for The Eagles sings a lot.

Anyway, if he can't sing because he's bad, I'd make sure those flyers go up in the American school. Also, see if there are open mics in the towns near you where different musicians would gather and play. You could play your own music (instrumental), and meet potential singers.

[EDIT]: Watch out for cohesion between your rhythm and lead guitar, by the way. I was listening to the stuff on your myspace, and the very different rhythms played by the lead and the rhythm guitar on "The Realms of Imagination" made it sound sloppy and muddled. I'd suggest that you either make the rhythm guitar more straightforward or you pay closer attention as the lead guitarist to how you sound over the rhythm. It sounds too me like the lead is playing a little too fast and a few too many notes.

Just listen more than you play, and it'll sound great.
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Put up posters at music clubs and stuff, too.

And if all else fails, YOU should sing anyway. I did for my band for a while, and you'd be surprised how many offers you get once people realize that you're a capable band with a weak spot (vocals) that they can improve.
just write instrumental stuff? or just sing anyway, no matter if its bad you can get yourselves out there and find a singer
also, why cant you have hungarian lyrics? not all bands sing in english, in fact i quite like listening to foreign lyrics, it makes it seem more natural rather than the music being adapted for english speaking audiences
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no believe me u dont wanna hear hungarian lyrics, and we want some more sucess than other bands who atempted with hun. lyrics, plus im english, drummer and rythm both dont like hungarian bands and they both speak english fluently and we all agreed that we want english lyrics coz tha way we can also do sum covers.

the drummer cant sing well and he cant drumm and sing at the same time.

To The Rambler, the timing for realms of imagination is bad becoz of our bad editing on audacity, we are fixin the problems next week but thx for takin a listen.

we are gna put up fliers in the american skool and make sure we put them up ourselves, we are gna post in a local paper and maybe a music store.

thx to those who replied, more advice would be apreciated.
Man that's weird you can't find a singer, where I'm from I swear that's all I can find...well atleast they want to be singers lol. Just start tempting them with the whole being in the spot light and crap.
Just do the biggest advertising campaign that you can possibly do. Put every amount of effort into it that you can.
Look into getting posters up in local music shops, libraries, clubs, pubs.... infact, anywhere you can put one really.
Find as many websites as you can that attract people local to you. (Maybe the local nightclub has a website) and try to find forums on those sites that have plenty of people from your locality visiting them, and advertise there.
Get in touch with your local newspaper and place an advert in it (this may cost you a little money but it could well be worth it.)
Finaly, ask everyone you meet (especialy musicians) if they know any english speaking singers. Word of mouth can be a powerful thing.
thx guys, the thing is i dont think we would find a "singer" we would more likely find a person who can sing well which is why we cant post in music stores, the only proper singers here dont sing in english coz the english speakin singers dont rlly think that they can be succesful, but we are gna try and post up in skools, papers and clubs and hope it works.
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the thing is i dont think we would find a "singer" we would more likely find a person who can sing well

What's the difference? If you find someone who can sing well and they become the vocalist for your band, surely they will then be a singer.
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yes exactly but these kind of people dont rlly go to music shops an a regular basis do they?

Maybe not, who knows? But you may as well put the poster up in music shops anyway, you never know who's going to visit whatever shop for whatever reason.
When fly posting, don't think about it too much, just get as many up in public places as possible, preferably in places like shop windows where lot's of passers by will see it.
ok we gave someone fliers to put up in the american school (a guy who works there), we put one in our village's youth center knd of thing, a small village square and in the village music school, we are going to put one up in a music shop and maybe a local newspaper. I hope we find someone.