this is a pretty good product to use if you still want to be able to use the tremelo, itacts like a bar door would keeping it in one position until extra amount of pressure is applied. it doest require some work to instiall tho so if you just wanna a temporary block, probably just shove some small wood blocks in there.
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Supposedly a 9volt battery is the right size to jam in there so if you just want to try it temporarily then just do that.
I did mine as a permanent block so I took the trem apart and only left the top piece. then I bolted a block of wood to the body insde the trem cavity ( make sure you leave space for the strings to go up thru the top piece) and then bolted the top piece of the trem down onto the block of wood. Amazing amount of extra sustain with it now also. This will work for a standard strat type trem but not a floyd rose.
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