I wrote this song with the intentention of writing a pretty up-beat, joyful song - three icons in american music are mentioned in the lyrics. All feedback is appreciated.

I left the big red apple behind me, on my brand new set of wheels
Threw the map out of the window, to follow the breeze
I was travelling down the nation, with none there but me
To learn who I am and who I want to be

As I reached the town of Tupelo, I met a kid walking down the street
Listen, he said, and walked straight on by me
He bumped into my shoulder, he stepped on my new pair of shoes
He walked down the street while singing the blues

Further down the road i met a man dressed in black
gently strolling down the street as he played
With his eyes on the horizon, he sang as he strayed away
Only god knows if he ever came back

Down south in the big easy, I saw satchmo playing for borgne
singing about a world that I didn't know
But as Louis spun around, and played his trumpet for me
I knew that the world was wonderful indeed

And I ran straight across the country, from the mountains to the sea
Searching for that feeling, feeling free
But living on the edge of things, isn't what it seems to be
Ain't no thousand miles long enough for me