Alright, so my amp "pops" a lot, I'm not totally savvy with what the term means, but I know thats when it just kinda stops making noise
the amp is a big peavey amp and we bought it used so that might just be the problem
The only way I know how to bring it from its "popped" state is to just turn everything up loud and play until the amp explodes with sound
I'm positive that can't be the most efficient way to do it

btw, I've assumed by just browsing stuff that it might be possible amps pop because something around it was turned on? Sounds a little weird to me, please help clarify

Quote by Horlicks
Maybe the plug isn't in properly?

no, everythings all in, this problem has happened a lot in the past, and we've experimented with different guitar, different plugs, its def the amp