hey guys, im looking to get my first tube amp and wanted to know some opinions on a few.

im not gonna take everything in this thread as gospel and i am gonna try every amp out for sure but i just wanna get some feedback.

I am playing an epiphone supernova and a fender standard strat. not a big pedal guy though i do have a few. I have a Vox Wah and the Brian May and Eric Clapton signature pedals.

I play classic rock to blues to indie. Alot of The Stroke, Arctic Monkeys, Dirty Pretty Things as well as Queen, Led Zep, Clapton, Hendrix and SRV.

Overall I am just looking for a good sound, I dont really watch to match the sound of any of the above artists but would really like a nice bluesy tone, think 'Hey Joe' tone.

The amps I have been looking at:

Orange Tiny Terror

Epiphone Valve Junior (Head)

Epiphone Blues 30 Custom

By all means though I am open to other options. I have heard some good things about Laney but there is nowhere near me I can try one their amps.

PS - I am in australia so if you are quoting prices etc then bear that in mind.

Cheers kiddies!
I don't know what your price range is but you should probably look into an AC30. A fender, maybe a blues deluxe? Peavey classic 30 or 50 are good options as well.