I did this writing seminar and the poet there told us to do a timed write and write a song or poem as fast as we could. I wrote this in one minute and 45 seconds.

Im fallin fast asleep,
Some kind of fascination,
Waitin for the heat,
To take away the complications,

Cant think of what im tryin toooooooo say,

Im drivin down the street,
Certainly some kind of new frustration,
Changin lanes and new times of aggrevation,

Cant think of what im tryin tooooo say,

Im think im in too deep,
This isnt the same emotion,
As if I was kind of weak,
I think I just need confirmation

Cant think of what im tryin toooooooooo say
I had my hands in the river,
My feet back up on the bank,
Looked up to the Lord above and said,
"Hey man, Thanks"

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