so i graduated from high school yesterday, and my party is today. Yesterday, my throat started to hurt like hell, it hurt to swallow really bad. i noticed that my tonsils are huge and the glands in the back of my neck are swollen, so i'm guessing i have mono. other than that, no symptoms. But anyway, my party is today, and my throat is killing me. Aside from taking some ibuprofen, wat can i do to feel better for the rest of the day? I'm gonna tell my parents tomorow so they dont worry about me today and then i'll get it checked out.
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it hurt to swallow really bad. checked out.

haha you swallow.

I'd take an advil or something. And drink lots of orange juice too. that helps me
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i had this a couple of weeks ago, i had an absess with it too. not nice. you cant do anything just hope its not serious.

go and get a blood test to see if its not anything else firstly. gargling salt water is said to be helpful but i didnt think it was. Soup is awsome, really soothes the troat.
When I had mono I ate a lot of ice cream. It helped because it was really cold, so it almost soothing. Just don't eat chocolate ice cream, or chocolate anything because it'll leave a HORRIBLE taste in the back of your throat that you can't get rid of.
Cough drops should help ease the sore throat a little.
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