I think Fall Out Boy screwed the scene over
The drummer sucks....
Pete is the worst bass player ever.....
Patrick can sing...but...
What do you think is wrong with MUSIC
Quote by Mad Mike 829
Girl: Thats not that difficult
Teacher: Of course not, I wouldnt star you on something hard
Girl: I wanna see something hard
Me & Freind: Thats what she said!

ended up getting kicked out for disrupting class

look at it this way: Lots of people know who Fall Out Boy are, but no one knows who you are.

Also, It's called opinion... Respect it.

Oh and btw... *reported*
May the Force be with You.
Carmel is hawt
I don't like much mainstream music anymore, but that doesn't mean it's worse than what I like, or wrong. Just different, I suppose.